Our Process

Looking for a quality assurance partner that can turn on a dime? AQS is there when you need us. Our proprietary process is built on speed, precision and total customer satisfaction.

Liaison Support

Our team of trained liaison support specialists does it all. We can even provide you with thorough, timely program launch support. Just let us know your liaison needs. We will ensure the qualifications and expertise required for the assignment at hand.

Client Requests Liaison Support

Product Review

Liaison Representative Placed

Liaison Onsite Training

Quality Liaison Support Initiated

A Thoroughly Vetted Team

AQS is more than a staffing company that simply throws “warm bodies” at a quality control issue. Rest assured that our team of quality control professionals has been thoroughly tested, trained and vetted. Our thorough application process includes mandatory drug testing, colorblindness testing, quick identify testing and workplace safety training.

Keeping Costs in Line

AQS offers a process that is quick, professional and cost-effective. Thanks to our GPS-based mobile tracking system and the diligent oversight of an onsite management team, AQS avoids the possibility of overbilling or inaccurate time accounting.

Complete Quality Control Services

Our quality control team does it all. Our services include sorting, reworking, quality engineering, even launch support. And AQS provides you with real-time data that you can access on your mobile device or desktop computer. You won’t find a more complete and cost effective 3rd party quality control provider. Why not get started today?


Our quality control inspection team provides rapid response containment, so your line’s production never comes to a standstill.

Client Requests Containment

Onsite Management Team Retrieves Information

Quality Inspectors Dispatched

Project Assessment

Containment Initiated





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